In internet marketing field the knowledge of traffic recourses can play a great part in affiliate marketer’s success. So you need to study the existing resources and learn how to apply them in the best way.

Search traffic

If the campaign has a particular target market, this option will be the most effective for them. This is due to the fact that these sources are aimed on the particular group of people, who will be interested in the product you promote. This method is based on the keyword usage. People who are in search of the particular type of product or service will easily find the promoted ones via search engines. Affiliates use the list of the most commonly requested keywords in order to enhance the site’s visibility.

Display traffic

On the contrary to the previous method, this traffic source will help to promote products which are aimed on the wide audience. Usually this approach is performed by banners which are place on websites with high traffic rates. It can be either company’s own site or other sites which sell the ad space. But it is important to pay attention to the site’s relevance to the ad’s content because if they are not correlated the visitors will not be attracted by the banners.

Email traffic

Some sites require user’s subscription with email address. So they can use the existing list of them in order to use them for marketing purposes. It is also possible to purchase such lists from other sites and service. But there is a danger to get low quality emails. So it is important to be sure the users actually use these emails.

Contextual traffic

Despite its low price, this traffic source still has its users and brings some profit. This method is based on placing the ads on the website referring to the displayed content. They are represented in the form of toolbars and can be viewed as soon as visitors open the site. Also the attractive feature that contextual traffic is based on PPV approach. So what is matter is the amount of views but not the clicks.

Social media traffic

The social networks are a great source of traffic. The advantage of it is the ability both targeted and mass marketing. Moreover there are plenty of networks that can be used to reach the particular audience (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter). To use this method the marketers need to gain social media reputation and popularity. You can promote here games, freebies, education and many other services and products.