Many app developers are aimed on building great user interface and features of their app they consider to have a great success. But unfortunately it is not enough. Mobile users got used to the great diversity of the applications for their devices, so they can change them daily in order to find the one which meets their requirements completely. As the competition in the mobile sphere is fierce, you need to put extra efforts on both attracting and keeping the existing users to be involved in your product. The researches reveal the truth that almost 90% of the downloaded apps are deleted by users eventually. So the important task for app developers is to work on customer retention more than on their acquisition.

How to make retention rates up?

From the moment person downloads your application you need to provide feature that will catch their attention. According to the common experience, if the app was not deleted within first seven days – it has all chances for being used. Below you can learn 5 tips for improving your app’s retention rates.

1. LTV measurement

Work on defining and measuring LTV metrics and starts targeting your app’s specifications on the profitable users. Instead of adding some untargeted features, you need to think about quality users requirements. They are the ones who can keep your app running and make the needed conversion. So define the main conversion rates and the type of users who provides it. Than target your promotion campaign on this audience.

2. Push messages in the app

This option can service a great deal in improving users’ engagement and increase their retention by three times. Pay attention to the quality of messages. Otherwise you will not get the expected results. What is worse, the poor quality of in-app messaging can decrease the users’ retention.

3. Personalizing the app

Every user needs to have chance to personalize his or her app interaction. These options can be divided into the following groups: in-app activity, location, preferences and so on. So you can alter user experience after tracking all these aspects.

4. Remarketing

In order to prevent users from giving up on your product, send them kind reminders on emails or in social media accounts that they have you application and it is ready to be launched. But constantly track the relevance and effectiveness of such messages.

So using these tips you will be able to keep retention rates high for your downloaded application.

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