Automated way of gaining traffic can service a great deal to the small teams, but it is also a great opportunity to fraud this service. Which means your ad will be viewed not by real users, but by robotic software. Eventually you have many views and clicks but no revenues. That is why mobile developers are concerned about this issue. Bellow we have revealed some tips that may help you to protect your campaign from the fraud traffic.

1. Apply trustworthy service

Pay attention to the reputation of the traffic company you are about to work with. Ask them questions about their location, programmatic platform and their free-fraud guarantees. Keep asking for info until you are completely sure the service is the dependable one.

2. Develop your personal tracking tools

It would be wise to come up with some additional tracking instruments and method on your own. That is how you will be able to compare the results got from the traffic company and control its activity as well. The results can differ within 10% but be aware your results are not lower than the platform’s ones. Otherwise you need to check what is wrong.

3. Use marking approach for every click

Trustworthy platforms provide the special identifiers for every click which will prove the existence of the one. These marks include unique identifiers, timing and IP. So whenever you see many clicks from the one IP address it is time to set the alarm.

4. Ask for selection of the sites

This request may not by fulfilled by some platforms as some companies do not offer their client to choose the sites their ad will be placed on. However, you may ask for ability to exclude some sites. This will let you to put away non-reputable ones and the sites you know nothing about.

5. Reporting on specific sites

This method will let you to understand what places are proper for your ad success and where they can be clicked by bots. It is easy to get such reporting after the ad has been placed there. It has to include the next data: clicks, impressions, conversions, CTR, CPC and CPM. It would be even better to get access to the platform and track the real-time data.

6. Schedule your ads

According to Videology researches, the robotic activity usually takes place in night hours, since they can work 24 hours long even while real people are sleeping. So you can turn off the ad performance from 11 PM to 5 AM. This method will increase your chances to perform your ad mostly to the real users.

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