It’s not a secret that nowadays video is one of the most common ways of marketing influence. And definitely one of the most effective. But it is not that easy to make your video ad successful and powerful enough. Here we provide you a few secrets how to make your advertising campaigns reach the wanted results. Each of the following tips is evenly essential but if you want to get all the benefits of this format you should consider all of them, creating your own content.

1. Your target audience will determine the platform to launch the ad.

Choosing the right video channel will help you to reach the exact audience you need. Know the channels you are going to launch your campaigns in and understand the nature and characteristics of users on these platforms. This will help you to decide the format of ads.

2. Make your ad clip relevant to all types of devices.

Always have in mind that mobile video ads and desktop video ads are totally different when it comes to user’s behavior.

Your video ad must consider all of the devices, so choose your style, your logo size and make it visible!

At the same time be aware of the common devices types your audience use. Like the younger audience mostly uses the smartphones, while the ones with the age between 35 and 54 prefer tablets.

3. Make it the best 10 second ever (even mute).

When it comes to marketing we all know how important is to grasp user’s attention in first few seconds.  Short and to the point – that’s what we will recommend you.
Always keep in mind that when it comes to mobile its…well, mobile. Creating the video, check that it is intelligible even without sound. It’s better to mute the sound as default, leave user’s choice if he wants to watch it with sound or not.

Don’t forget that most of the people use their phones in vertical mode. So don’t be silly and make your video ad can be viewed both ways. Snapchat it’s one of the platforms that require this type of videos, they also created a great tool to transform any video into a vertical mode called Snap Publisher

4. Try to be useful (or funny) for your consumers.

You can choose the most appropriate way for you. According to our experts its better when you center your video around the story, not the sale.

Share something really value with your costumer. Make it not just-another-ad-video, concentrate on what helpful can be spread with it. Try to reach your consumer’s needs and hidden desires with your video, it’s the same rule for the writing marketing, by the way.

Or you can use another strategy. Humor is one of the greatest ways to grab the user’s attention. Make them laugh. If you see some funny video you will definitely remember it.

5. Optimization for search is a not want, is a NEED.

Tag it up! Isn’t it great when your video can be found in few seconds? For example, it was so awesome that people want to share it with friends. So don’t hesitate and make your description work for you. Relevant keywords, fully explained out the description and unique title will help it.

By following these tips, you will be able to achieve great results with your marketing video ad. These simple advices will help you to create a flawless video ad that will elevate your click-through rate and conversion rate. And your video ad will work for you!

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